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As a customer-oriented service provider for business we advise start-ups
and support our member companies. Our motto is ‘Help for self-help’.

As a critical partner for politicians we develop market economy conditions that promote freedom and small and medium enterprises. We oppose special interests and help the general interest of business in economic progress. We are political, but not party political.

As an independent champion of the market, we take on tasks assigned to us by the law and ensure fair play in business, for example in apprenticeships or by offering mediation and the prevention of disputes outside the courts. This lightens the burden on the State and helps ensure a smoothly functioning economy.

As the regional partner of companies, we are firmly rooted in the Central Lower Rhine. We undertake projects and initiatives to improve the conditions for business in the region. We want to continue to be among the strongest regions in Europe in attracting the brightest minds and the most innovative companies.