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Sebastian Greif

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What we do     

Germany is a country with a well-functioning and secure legal system. This advantage must be maintained, developed and strengthened. The department for ‘Law and Taxation’ in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Mittlerer Niederrhein makes its contribution by promoting the exchange of information and opinion between lawmakers and businesses and by working for a sensible legal environment for business.
The Law and Taxation department also informs business about the implications of new laws from Düsseldorf, Berlin or Brussels. The objective is to maintain an overview of the continuously growing number of regulations and their consequences for business. The department also provides day-to-day information on legal and taxation questions related to business.


Legally prescribed activities include the public nomination and swearing in of authorised experts, the registration of insurance brokers and a contribution to the Trade Register by registering businesses. In addition, an extensive information package is offered covering numerous legal questions. These include initial information on contract, social, employment and tax law and more detailed answers provided by an extensive range of supplementary notes. Regular information events on current legal themes and new legislation complete the work of the department.

On private or official request, the department nominates and swears in authorised experts in specialised areas of business. It also expresses opinions on business-related questions of principle or application.


  • General legal information
  • Tax information
  • Information on companies
  • Information leaflets
  • Entries in the Trade Register
  • Nomination of experts