Niederrhein - Location with the Best Connections


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The Niederrhein... oriented to international trade. Over 50% of industrial production is for export. a prosperous region. Its per head purchasing power is well above the national average.

Centre for international firms   

 The Niederrhein, together with Düsseldorf, the most important centre for international firms. Japanese firms in particular have settled here, including Canon, Toshiba and Hitachi. a model for the integration of business and research. The Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and the local businesses have co-operated for many years now. Proximity to the internationally well-known universities in the Ruhr area, Düsseldorf and Cologne provide excellent scope for recruiting qualified staff.

...has a host of modern, newly-developed business sites available, all with an optimal cost-benefit ratio.

Location with the Best Connections   

  • The Niederrhein is right at the heart of Europe: 135 million consumers can be reached within a 500-km-radius   
  • Direct connections to the major business centres
  • Two high-capacity inland-ports (Krefeld and Neuss)
  • Close proximity to the international airports of Düsseldorf and Cologne/Bonn
  • Unique network of six upgraded motorways

Textile and engineering industry   

Our industrial profile:
The origin was the textile industry. Our textile and clothing industry products have been and continue to be exported throughout the world. What started with velvet and silk in the 18th century is now given over to highly functional textiles. The textile industry has always been supported by an innovative engineering industry, which itself has developed into a vendor of entire systems.

Food and beverages industry  

The fertile terrain was the basis for a strongly-based food and beverages industry. Today that is now a broadly diversified agrobusiness extending from oil mills in Neuss to one of the leading providers of starch products on the world market.

Energy intensity  

A particular feature is the energy intensity met with at the Niederrhein. The Frimmersdorf power plant in Grevenbroich is currently the largest investment in Germany and will soon be producing 2,100 megawatts of electricity. In particular, the abundant supply of energy has turned the region into an international centre for the aluminium industry and the production of stainless steel.

Germany’s Number 1 chemical industry location

Fitting in with this, we have two highly productive chemical industry parks with almost 20.000 employees and a good number of internationally operating companies. They have made us into Germany's Number 1 chemical industry location.

Good mix of urban living...     

Niederrhein: A good mix of urban living and great quality of life
Discover the mix of urban living and great quality of life with plenty of intact countryside! Here at the Niederrhein, the shopping delights in our main centres of Krefeld, Mönchengladbach, Neuss and Viersen are just a few minutes' drive from rural surroundings where you can unwind! Rich lifestyles and culture, enjoyment of Nature go along with demanding work and family-friendly conditions in our region.

... and quality of life     

Leisure time at the Niederrhein means enjoying life to the full. This is your region for sport. Whether you take an active part (e.g. at one of the largest indoor ski centres in Europe) or watch professional football and ice hockey matches, the choice of sports is endless.


The location film ‘Niederrhein - The location with the best connections' offers visual impressions of people, culture and the economy in the region. The film, which has won several international prizes, can be ordered for 6 euros from the IHK. Alternatively, you can find the film on the YouTube gateway of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Mittlerer Niederrhein in seven different languages.

Image Brochure

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